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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

An update

So pregnancy is going good. I've only thrown up once, and that was after eating greasy fair food. I'm nautious like every day but it's really not that bad. I really can't complain. We're just really excited to be having another baby.

On another note: I remember a few years ago seeing kids with their parents and saying to myself, "My kid is never going to act like that." Well come to find out, training a child in the way he should go is harder than I thought. The other day Papa, Bana, Uncle Ruben, Dad, Jeremiah and I all went for a walk. Papa tied a rope around Jeremiah's new tricycle so he could pull him, since his feet won't reach the peddles yet. Jeremiah liked it for about 5 minutes...
...then he wanted out.

After about 10 minutes he wanted back in. Then out, then in. Oh my gosh kid, make up your mind! So we decided that he's going to be in and stay matter what!
It was a battle but even when he didn't want to, he stayed on his tricycle. Yay! Victory! And Papa and Bana were great too. They let us do our thing with Jeremiah and helped enforce it. Have I mentioned what awesome in-laws I have!!!

October looks like it's going to be a busy month. I'm hosting a scrapbooking party Friday, MOPS is on Monday, then going to Dinner My Way (see link on sidebar; some of my favorite sites) on Tuesday. We're going up to the mountains the following Saturday with Papa & Bana to pick apples and to see the train loop. Papa works for the railroads so the train loop is an extra big deal! It should be a great Saturday.

Then Pascual and my birthday is coming up after that. We'll be 32 this year. (Yep, we were born on the exact same day, just 14 hours apart. I know, what are the odds?!) The women's retreat is coming up later in the month. I can't wait for that! Just me and my girlfriends. It's always a fun time! Plus our speakers this year are going to be awesome. It looks like a busy and fabulous month. I hope to share pics with you once the activities have happened. (We'll see, don't hold me to that, though. :-)