Morning Routine

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

My New Found Love

I just bought a bottle of Tapatio, requested by my hubby. It was my very first time buying and trying this stuff. And this stuff is fantastic. For the past 2 days, which has been ever since I'd had the bottle of deliciousness, my afternoon 1 point snack has been half a cup of Costco's egg starts, scrambled with a few dashes of seasoning salt. Then wrapped in a very warm La Bonita Low Carb tortilla. I enjoy my egg burrito with the bottle of Tapatio in hand...because every bite has to have some, who am I kidding...a lot!!!, of this goodness on it.

I always just assumed it tasted like Tabasco. No, no, no! It's more like chorizo and eggs, but without the chorizo. It doesn't taste like vinegar but more along the lines of spices.

I am looking forward to tomorrow's afternoon snack already!

Dang it, I should've bought the big bottle! I hope this little one lasts until payday.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Very First Turkey

So my sister made me make the Christmas turkey this year. I was really intimidated by it but I did my research (I know my sister would be rolling her eyes thinking what a nerd of a sister she has) and decided to go with the Pioneer Woman's rendition. Can I just say how much I love that lady! Not only did my turkey look terrific

but it tasted great!!!

I followed the PW's brining recipe the day before I cooked it. Aw so good. I'll be the one making the turkey from now on...and it won't intimidate me again!