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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another day, another bid

UPDATE: We were the 2nd highest bid. Which means we're the back up bid in case the highest and best bid falls through for some reason. Oh well...

At least that's how it seems.

Here's our newest desire:

Our realtor is really excited about this one. Just between you and me, I think this is the first house that she thinks we actually have a chance of getting. lol

We'll see.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I have to change

With the blessing of baby number 3, hey there Nate!, comes changes I have to make to keep my sanity. Here's my list:

1. I remember my fabulous friend Tara saying once, a long while ago, that she has to get her car washed weekly in order for it to stay clean. I didn't exactly know what she meant then but I sure do now.
The kids and I went to the car wash today and it wasn't necessarily for the outside of the car. I took a kitchen size trash bag with me to put all the stuff that needs to go INSIDE my home and I filled that bag up with: about a zillion shoes, a few pair of socks, toys, toys, toys, a sweatshirt, a windbreaker, and pens.
I think I'm going to have to be like Tara and cruz thru (he he, get it?) the car wash weekly just to get me to clean out the stuff from the inside.

2. I have to change my laundry routine. At least the putting away of laundry. I used to bring in the basket of clean laundry, sort and organize it all, then put things away. No longer do I get to do this since it seems as if I'm constantly getting interrupted by children. So now I take my basket of clean laundry, pull out one item, put it away, pull out one item, put it away, pull out one item, put it back because I have to break up a fight or change a poopy diaper, or (fill in the blank), come back. Repeat.
Doing laundry this way leaves me feeling less frustrated since I don't have piles of clean clothes scattered EVERYWHERE from kids jumping on my bed or from me or my hubby shoving them off the bed so we can sleep.

3. I've noticed when my coupon binder is on the verge of disorganization or when my car is messy or when my home is super messy (notice I said 'super' messy since it is just messy most of the time), then my healthy eating habits fly out the window (as evidence of my non-weight loss this week). It took me a lot of thinking and soul searching to come up with that revelation. I can be so dense when it comes to common sense stuff in life (not my fortay).

Well that's my short list for now. And with just these few minor changes, I have a bit more peace in my life.

So what things have you had to change in order to keep peace in your family as it grows?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Date Night vs MOPS

Fridays have become the official date night for my hubby and me, thank you Papa and Bana for being willing to watch ALL the kids for us!!!

But this Friday is my MOPS' groups Moms' Night Out at Moo Creamery.

So I mentioned this to Pascual, then added,
"but if you want to take me out on a date, then I'll go with you instead."

"I wasn't expecting that", he replied.

OMG, that is so sad that I've got him conditioned to take second fiddle to MOPS. That shouldn't be! Time to sit and think and re-prioritize the things in my life!

Don't get me wrong, I have loved me some MOPS, but it WILL NOT take top dollar to the man I vowed my life to. Cause I REALLY LOVE ME SOME PASCUAL!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Date night was my pick tonight

My hubby and I are nearly polar opposites. So when we get to go on date nights, to make it fair we've decided to take turns picking where we go and what we do.

Tonight it was my pick. So I chose to try out Cafe Crepes.

We decided to choose and share. He chose

the filet pannini which was well seasoned and tender.


I chose

the chicken fajita crepe.


Both of these dinners came with a side and we both chose red potatoes.

So good.

I could eat a bowl full of these!!! In fact, by the time I remembered to break out the camera to photograph this yumminess, I had already wolfed down my potatoes. These are Pascual's. I made him wait to eat until I could get the pic. He he.

For dessert we shared

the lemon delight, oh how I love lemon and berries!!!,

and the Nutella with strawberries.

Seriously I can live off Nutella.

It was delicious and the company was great to boot.

I love date night.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our house bid update

We put in a bid on a different house - and got outbid. No surprise there.

However...we got a call from our realtor about the first house we bid on. It's back on the market. Whaaaaat???

Apparently the couple that outbid us walked from the offer. Our offer was never submitted to the bank. So tomorrow we're resubmitting an offer for that house.

Word has it that the bank counter-offered the first couples bid with $147,000. So our realtor asked our bank dude what that would set us back if we put in an offer at that price. Since the rates went down just today, it would only raise our payment by $50.

Hmmm, doable I think.

So tomorrow I need to let her know at what price to draw up the papers.

Who knows, maybe GOD will give me and Pascual dreams tonight that have the right bid price?

...stranger things have happened.

Good night.

Well, good morning! While visions of numbers didn't fill our heads last night we did find out that the asking price went up from $135,000 a month ago to $145,000 today. So we're going to bid the new asking price. We also found out that another bid is going to be submitted on the house.

Well peace to us! We've been praying that if that's our house, then nobody else will get it.

So once again, this is 'TO BE CONTINUED...'

Another update: that house that I thought we got outbid on...well come to find out that our offer is one of many and they haven't ruled us out yet. So now we're bidding on two houses. Uh, is it me or is this whole 'house buying' thing getting a tad bit complicated?!?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Halfway there...again

I remember when I blogged about being halfway to my goal weight....

I'm baaaaaack. :)

This time, however, I didn't calculate in the easy 25 lbs that melted away within 2 weeks of giving birth. So taking that into consideration, I'm down 62 lbs (doesn't that just sound way more impressive!).

Anyways, I'd love to be at goal weight by black Friday! I told my hubby when I get there I'm totally wearing this as his Christmas present:

Uh ya, needless to say, he's totally on board this weight loss train.