Morning Routine

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

HAPPY Halloween

This Halloween we had great plans! But earlier in the week both Beka and I got sick - bronchitis and pneumonia. So there went our great plans.

However, Papa and Bana came in and saved the day for Jeremiah. They took him out for Halloween and had a great time with him while Beka and I stayed home.

Thank you, Papa & Bana!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've never been this tired!

He told me he was hungry for a snack so I gave him a granola bar. I don't even think he got one bite in.

Friday, October 16, 2009

One more child...

...because I need someone to mop!

My dirty, cluttered little season

I've come to the conclusion that I will live in a pig pen for the rest of 2009. I try to keep up on the clutter (I don't even try to touch the dirt) but fail miserably each night. And each night, as I look at the clutter, I decide that I'd rather watch tv than pick up.
So, I'm not taking visitors until 2010, unless you want to drop off a meal once the baby's born (so be forewarned and don't judge when you walk in!).

So I've decided to fold laundry (I have mounds of clean laundry) while I watch tv (inspiration via Raquel). I'm doing one more load as I type. And the clothes that need to be hung up, I just drape over one of our suit cases and Pascual hangs it up for me when he thinks about it (once a month or so). I hate hanging clothes so I'm ok going through the draped clothes to find a shirt. Luckily for me, my belly's getting so big that it stretches out any wrinkles in my shirt. (how sad is that!)

My filthy kitchen (breakfast dishes still in sink) can wait until morning...or even tomorrow afternoon for that fact! And my messy floors (filled with childrens books, random items and even trash...why is it that I am the only one that seems to know where the trash can is???) can wait for Pascual. It's getting too hard to bend over these days (unless it's something I really want to do...and cleaning the floors isn't one of them!) so Pascual's been picking up the slack in this area for me.

I remind myself that I am in a season right now...a season that will change once the baby is born. Then, I'll be in a new season, hopefully one where I will be self-motivated to clean. Maybe that's wishful thinking?

Thursday, October 8, 2009 we come!

I went to my OB check up today wondering what my doctor was going to say...
I told her that the fam and I were planning an overnight trip to Disneyland a week from Saturday and that we'd been planning it all year long since you get in free on your birthday and my hubby and I were born on the same day (just 14 hours apart...he's older). But I added if she didn't feel comfortable with me leaving town, I wouldn't go. And right away she brought up Jeremiah (funny how she never forgets this name or the circumstances around which he was born...

For our 4th anniversary, my hubby and I decided to go to Las Vegas for a 4 day weekend. I was 35 weeks pregnant but my doctor gave her blessing. And wouldn't ya know it, the morning that we were planning to come home my water broke. So we had to call 411 (no, not 911) for information as to where the nearest hospital was. Long story short, the next evening we had our first baby, Jeremiah. Needless to say, what happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas.)

She said Disneyland was a different story than Vegas. If my water breaks or I go into labor, we can always drive home.

So in 9 short days, my hubby, son, daughter, mother- and father-in-laws, and I are off to the magic kingdom. Yippee!