Morning Routine

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Lights at CALM

Yesterday we went to see the lights at CALM. It was a lot of fun. Papa, Bana, my sister and her son went with us.
This year they had a carousel. It spun so fast you could feel the centripetal force push you out. It got me dizzy!

Then we all rode the train. They had such a cool set up in the field. One of my favorites was the Santa Claus...NOT! I liked the Bakersfield sign:

After a warming cup of hot chocolate we walked through the rest of the wonderland of lights. Jeremiah's favorite was the pirate ship. It even fired the cannon and the cannon ball "splashed" into the water. Here's Jeremiah and his cousin, Daniel, in front of the pirate ship.

We stopped by the reptile room, mostly to warm up. My back was getting tired so I sat down for a moment. My sweetie sat next to me. We are SOOO cute: (I crocheted my beanie.)

We ended out the night by taking a family picture. Too bad Jeremiah was tired and moody because he ended up covering Papa's head.

So I took an extra picture. See, I told you Jeremiah was tired!

It was a another great family outing!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Family Pictures

So for the past 2 years Pascual, Jeremiah and I have gone somewhere to take our pictures together. The first year we went to Hart Park:

Last year we went across the street from Valley Baptist (you know, where the nice park-like setting is on the corner):

This year it was kind of cold outside so we did it inside. (I wish we would've went somewhere else.)

It was hard to get genuine smiles out of us when most of us didn't want to be there. Let's not worry about who those people were. Let it be sufficient to say that 2 out of us 3 wanted to do something else.

So these are our family pictures this year.

They came out ok. I think I would like them more if the background was more earthy and I had more time. Next year I will do a better job planning.. especially since there will be four of us then.

Apple picking and train watching

In October we took a drive to Tehachapi to pick apples. We went to two farms. The first one was...well rustic is a good adjective. We walked out to the trees and picked apples. There were only two kinds from which to choose.

Then we went to a more refined apple farm. They had all the apples picked for you. The bins of apples were labeled by variety with many varieties from which to choose. They even had samples of their wonderful apple cider. Yummy.
There was a pumpkin patch there. Jeremiah picked out his very own.

We left Tehachapi and headed for Keene to see the famous Tehachapi Loop... one of the wonders of the train world. Papa had his radio that he uses for his railroad job. Here's a picture of Banna "using" it to get info on when the next train was heading our way. (She didn't really use it.)

We waited about half an hour and the train came. You can see the train loop around itself in the following pictures.

We went a little closer and saw this train. Pretty cool pictures, huh!

Afterwards we stopped by the little Keene restaurant and had lunch. Then we went our seperate ways and went home...with lots of apples and great memories. What a fun day!