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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The lengths I go to for my kids

Since our second car died (let's pause for a moment of silence.....) my hubby has been taking our only car to work with him in the wee hours of the morning; and by wee I mean before the sun comes up. Dang, that's early!

At my gym, they offered a kids version of the Zumba class and Jeremiah wanted to do it. So on Wednesday mornings, all of us get up before that rooster and we drive my hubby to work - just so we can have the car to make that Zumba-tonic class.

Well a couple of Wednesdays ago my hubby forgot it was Wednesday and drove himself to work. When I woke up and noticed him gone, my heart sank. Is it me or is there just something about not wanting to disappoint one of your kids. So I prayed,
"Lord, if this is one of those times where You would like to teach Jeremiah about disappointment, then so be it. But if there's another way to get to the gym, I'd prefer that."
And wouldn't you know, public transportation popped in my head. So online I went and sure enough, the one bus we needed drove right past where we live. So I synced up our departure time with Zumba-tonic and the 4 year old, 2 year old and 7 month old and I were on our way to the the middle of the heat!

And it turned out to be a fun trip overall.

So this week the kids and I were looking forward to another 'adventure' to the gym.

Well this time the adventure didn't go quite as nice.

After my workout (timeout...what about Jeremiah's zumba-tonic class, you ask? Oh, he decided he didn't want to go to class; only to kid care. Jeez, and I thought he'd be crushed at not getting to go last week. Ugh, just when I think I'm understanding that kid...) we walk to Subway for lunch then off to the bus stop to wait for the bus. Too bad I FORGET the bus schedule so I don't know how long we have to wait. Ok, not a big deal. I know it has to be less than 45 minutes since that's how long the cycle takes. And there's a nice shady, grassy spot right by the bus stop. And for July, it's a pretty mild day so far. We can do this!

"Mommy, I got poopoo." Nice, Beka! So I change her cause I ain't about to get on the bus with her smelling like death. Too bad there are no trash cans in the area. But there is a car wash nearby and they have trash cans. It's a short walk so the kids and I trek over to throw it away. And wouldn't you know it...there goes our bus and of course, we're not even close to the bus stop. Bye-bye bus. Hello, 45 minute wait.

Well, it is just 45 minutes, right. We can do this! Let's look on the bright side - we all have nice full bellies...oh wait, Nate didn't eat yet. Ok, I brought the diaper bag so I have a nursing cover. I'll just nurse Nate in the the bus stop...on the side of a pretty busy, 6 lane street.

He eats, let's go, and falls asleep. Ah another peaceful moment brought to you by La Leche League. :) I take a deep breath, sigh out my relief...ahhhh....hmmmm, feeling kinda drafty. Oh, well that's just because MY BOOB IS HANGING OUT from underneath the cover!!!! Uh ya, nice lesson in modesty, Dani! Let's just put that away, shall we?!? I wonder how many people...let's just not even go there.

Well, Nate's napping so I place him on the grass on top of the nursing cover. I sit down next to him. Beka is laying on the grass next to me and Jeremiah's playing with the ring tones on my phone. All is well.

Except for the red&black ants that are crawling all over Beka's back...BITING HER and leaving welts!

Oweee oweee mommy!! They're also crawling on the nursing cover but I squish them before they bite Nate. Ok, EVERYBODY UP! So we stand for the next 20 minutes or so until our bus comes.

Poor Nate didn't get a decent nap in, Beka has bite marks all over her shoulder, I'm exposing myself to a significant percentage of my hometown (hey, I think it's significant) and Jeremiah...well, he's actually pretty content. I guess one out of four isn't too bad.