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Friday, December 7, 2007

Family Pictures

So for the past 2 years Pascual, Jeremiah and I have gone somewhere to take our pictures together. The first year we went to Hart Park:

Last year we went across the street from Valley Baptist (you know, where the nice park-like setting is on the corner):

This year it was kind of cold outside so we did it inside. (I wish we would've went somewhere else.)

It was hard to get genuine smiles out of us when most of us didn't want to be there. Let's not worry about who those people were. Let it be sufficient to say that 2 out of us 3 wanted to do something else.

So these are our family pictures this year.

They came out ok. I think I would like them more if the background was more earthy and I had more time. Next year I will do a better job planning.. especially since there will be four of us then.



Cuuuuute! Jeremiah is so stinkin handsome it's ridiculous. We had similarly dreary feelings the morning of our family photos...including my folks and Scott's. But, all in all we ended up happy that we did it. Everyone was mad at me for making them dress up on a Saturday morning. Toooo bad!!!! Smile anyway darnit!!!

Raquel said...

I think they are great! who cares where you are as long as you are together =)

Dani said...

that's right! smile anyway!