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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I got my hair cut yesterday and the girl cutting my hair, Candy, mentioned how her and her hubby are in the process of buying a house. Well I let that conversation die and we started a new one. Later, Candy brought up her house buying experience again. Hmmm, maybe God's in this?

So we talked about it and she told me her realtor's name and how she's so great and is saving them a lot of money on closing costs (what costs?), blah blah blah.

Candy didn't know that my hubby and I are talking about buying our first house. And we are sooo ignorant about the entire in we don't know what half, if not more, of the jargon means, we have no idea how much we qualify for, and had no clue where to start...except for in prayer with the Lord.

We've talked to my hubby's father, a Godly man with sound advice, about buying a house and he's been encouraging us to pray and be first steppers.

Well, maybe calling this realtor is our first step? I got her name and googled her so now I have her number. Maybe my hubby will call her next week.

As a side note: I don't think buying a house is a NEED for us. We live in a 2 bedroom mobile home so with this 3rd baby coming it's going to be a tight fit, but I still don't think of a bigger home as a need, more like a want.

Let me tell you what I consider a need: if the third car seat doesn't fit in the back of my car, then trading it in for a different car is a NEED.

But there are lots of people who live in homes and their kids share a room. If we really wanted only two kids in a room, we could always convert the den into a third bedroom.

My point is, I'm content with staying where we are. But don't get me wrong, I'd like to live in a house.

Anyways, I think we'll take this first step by making the call, even in our total ignorance, and see what she says. If God's in it, then He'll show us the 2nd step to take. If He's not in it, I pray that our first step would die and that we'd be redirected.

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biz319 said...

There is so much information on buying houses on the internet - here is a good link to get you started:

First things first is don't buy a house you can't afford, and don't plan on living in for at least 5 years. You don't want to be house poor, and by that I mean you still have to be able to do things other than pay your mortgage!

Closing costs sometimes get thrown into the loan, depending on what lender you use. These costs are usually for an appraiser (you don't want to buy a house without one!). He tells you what state the house is in - termites? leaky roof?

If there are lots of things wrong you can offer less money since you'll have to pay for these out of pocket.

But before you do anything, you need to go to a bank and find out if and how much you qualify for in a loan. You don't want to be looking at 300,000 houses, only to find that you can afford one for $150,000.

Sorry this is so long - I type fast!

Happy Friday!