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Sunday, August 17, 2008

2008 Family Beach Trip

This was our 2nd time going to the family beach trip. This year there were about 20 of us. We arrived at the beach Monday evening. Both kids did great in the car ride over there.

We did the typical beach stuff...went down on the sand and played, went out for fish and chips, shopped, hung out at the hotel pool/jacoozi, etc. I actually don't remember what we did on which day. So here's the totally abridged version:

Here's our fish and chips experience:

Here's our "walking on the pier" experience. Jeremiah didn't want me to take his picture (kinda moody) but I had to sneek in a couple. He's so cute in his big boy hat.

He wanted me to take a picture of the surfer walking below us. Being a good mommy, I took it. That's why I have a picture of a surfer's butt.
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See, I told you Jeremiah was kinda moody...

And here's Beka.

She did pretty good at the beach. But for a few moments this was what we dealt with...

After all, she is a baby.

Thursday we went to the SLO street fair. She slept the whole time: 6pm-3:30am. Then, of course, she was in awake and ready to start her day. So I put her in the front pack and off we walked around the hotel for a while.
She eventually went back to sleep after a couple of hours. And I got a nap later that day.

We came home Saturday afternoon. It was a great break away from the heat and the normal things of life. Can't wait to do it again next year. Although there are rumors that next year the family is going to camp. Pray for me...I hate to camp.


Raquel said...

cute pictures! sounds like a great vacation!

Kari said...

Looks like you all had fun. I know what you mean when your kid doesn't want you to take any more photo's of them!

Rossie said...

Looks like fun...we haven't been to the beach in sooooo long! Beka is getting so big...can't wait to see you all at mops!
Blessings, Rossie