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Friday, February 20, 2009


Yesterday Jeremiah had his 6 month cleaning appointment with his dentist. He's 3 years old... And he had a dentist appointment. Actually this is his 3rd dentist appointment. His first one he had at 2 1/2 years when they did a visual exam and cleaned his teeth. 6 months ago, they took x-rays and cleaned his teeth.

I know this is foreign to some of you out there in bloggy land but we only pay 10% of the bill so I figure why not. And besides, the ADA recommends that kids have their first check up at 12 months. Now, I didn't go that far. I think that's kinda pushing it. I mean, come on. That could tramatise a little tike.

Ok, back to the story. So they go to take him back and I ask if they're going to clean his teeth and the lady tells me they're going to do x-rays and a cleaning. X-rays? Again? Why???

And her answer was great! (not!...keep a visual in your head of money hungry people doing anything to get more money) She said that my insurance allows him to have x-rays every 6 months. I just stared at her. Then she finally added that a lot of cavities show up in between teeth and x-rays are the best way to find them. And how they're x-ray machine only emits 10% of the radiation that conventional x-ray machines emit.

Hello, have you seen Jeremiah's teeth??? They have such a spread to them that I have to buy those Christmas tree looking brushes to "floss" his teeth. And do I really want my son to glow in the dark by the time he's in high school??

So I tell her that I don't want him to have x-rays this time. So they write in his chart about how I'm an irresponsible mom...

Just kidding. But they did write in his chart about how cavities are best detected with x-rays and I'm declining the use of x-rays at this visit. And they have me sign it.

I don't care. Seriously, I don't think a 3 year old needs x-rays done every 6 months. Can someone say overkill???

Besides, there's nothing like a $9 dentist visit! :-)

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Good for you! Our insurance only ALLOWS once every three years at this age. We always opt against x-rays when they are "optional." Our dentist hates it. You "floss" Jeremiah's teeth? I am lucky to brush my kids' teeth once a day.