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Thursday, May 7, 2009

I need some advice

So Beka's one year well-baby appointment is in a couple of weeks and she's scheduled for a slew of shots. So far she's been vaccinated according to our doctor's schedule. And it's not that we don't want to vaccinate her. But we're wondering if we should delay some of the vaccinations so that we're not bombarding her immune system with so much stuff all at once.

I know there are ladies out there with wonderful info because you've done a ton of homework on this topic already.

Would you mind sharing what you've learned? Any websites you've found trustworthy or just knowledge you wouldn't mind imparting would be terrific.



R. Hansen said...

One thing i know about the live vaccines such as mmr, flu, and varicella is that you can either get them all together or you have to wait one month between them.

I don't know how your insurance works, but ours allows us to get two a month instead of all four at a time every time. I think that the kids feel better that way, but what I like most about it is that I can tell which vaccine, if any, cause an adverse reaction.

I'm excited to gear what people add here, because we are mulling over this, too.

R. Hansen said...

sorry about all the grammar errors. I was typing one-handed there...


I have read a lot and I find that the most persuasive information is consolidated in Jenny McCarthy's books.

We started with the startling realization that in 1983, children received a total of about 10 immunizations by the time they were one year old. Now they receive closer to 35. That is a lot for a little body.

We are delaying ours and spreading them out for Caden (who has not received any vaccinations yet). Our doctor helps us decide what to get when because depending on what season it is, there may be some things more prevalent than others in the child's environment.

We also consulted with our chiropractor, Dr. Turner, who is very realistic and wholistic. His research and information (they did not vaccinate any of their children and they are all very healthy adults now) were very helpful and well-documented.

Dr. McCann similarly did not vaccinate his kids and I believe would be a good resource though I have not talked with him directly.

The Holy Spirit will guide you to good information. Pray hard about it. It is a difficult decision I know. We have made different choices for each of our children as God leads us.

brandi said...

Theres a book I read called What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations, written by Dr. Stephanie Cave. What I like about her book is she gives you two to three different schedules you should go by and what type of vitamins to give your child before vaccinating. Two other books to read are The vaccine Book by Robert Sears and A Shot In The Dark by Harris Coulter. Hope that helps, the best thing to do is research yourself, pray about it and whatever God tells you to do be obedient to that.
I know the McCans dont vaccinate, in fact Lorne and Carrie were the first people to talk to me about vaccinations,like 12 years ago.

Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

i just do what my doctor says for the most part i feel there expertise is much more current and consise then my own, and of course i pray. God has not told us any differently so far so we stick with what Dr.Pardo says and i totally feel at peace with it.

hope that did not sound totally ignorant compared to these great responses but God has given us great peace with the doctors we have chosen and i love and value there opinions and there fore trust they know what is best as far as medicine for my kids