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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Then and Now

My friend Tara posted something about how much she's changed since a certain picture was taken of her. It got me thinking the same about myself.

Raquel sent me these pics.

Beka was just about as old as Nathan is right now...which wasn't that long ago since they are only a year and a half apart.

There's something about the first baby and being uptight; at least for me there was. I didn't want to interrupt anyone with the crying of the baby and I compared everything that firstborn did with the other kids his age; like it reflected my parenting or something. It's totally silly now that I think about it.

Then the 2nd baby comes, which in my case was Beka, and the comparisons wane, but I still was on edge when she cried in a close setting of people.

Now with the 3rd baby, I could care less if he rolls over, crawls, walks, talks, reads, does algebra...faster than any one else. He'll get to it eventually. And if he cries...psha, who cares if it bothers other people. But it's not like I sit there and make him cry just to annoy others, but come on - babies cry. It's not the end of the world if someone hears him cry as I attempt to calm him down (not that he ever cries outside of the home...have I mentioned how good of a baby he is??? love it! I really hope I didn't just jinx myself.).

My dad had 3 children and growing up I definitely saw a difference in how mom and dad raised us kids. I, being the first born, was made to do my homework and even had to redo it if the penmanship wasn't great. I don't remember seeing this with my brother and never with my little sister. Funny (not funny, as in 'ha ha') that I'm the only one with a college degree (obviously not in English or Grammar). Hmmm, a correlation?

I see a different parenting style with each of my own kids in me and my hubby, which I think is perfectly normal, acceptable, and I think it shows a growth in parenting. I want to make sure that we keep our children's bent in mind as we raise them. They are all so different. But I also want to keep the same standards for each child, regardless of my parenting styles. Just because Nate's the baby shouldn't mean he can get away with more or less than his older brother and sister.

Gosh, parenting is a tricky thing. Good thing I know an awesome God to guide me through this thing! THANK YOU, JESUS!!!

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