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Friday, May 14, 2010

Date night was my pick tonight

My hubby and I are nearly polar opposites. So when we get to go on date nights, to make it fair we've decided to take turns picking where we go and what we do.

Tonight it was my pick. So I chose to try out Cafe Crepes.

We decided to choose and share. He chose

the filet pannini which was well seasoned and tender.


I chose

the chicken fajita crepe.


Both of these dinners came with a side and we both chose red potatoes.

So good.

I could eat a bowl full of these!!! In fact, by the time I remembered to break out the camera to photograph this yumminess, I had already wolfed down my potatoes. These are Pascual's. I made him wait to eat until I could get the pic. He he.

For dessert we shared

the lemon delight, oh how I love lemon and berries!!!,

and the Nutella with strawberries.

Seriously I can live off Nutella.

It was delicious and the company was great to boot.

I love date night.


Alicia said...

Yummy! We're going to have to try that for date night also....when we finally get one.LOL. We haven't had crepes since we were in Paris 3 years ago. I had to have a nutella and banana one nightly. Yum-my!


Oh that looks so good! I love date night too. I asked Scott about something the other day and he said, "oh I meant to tell you that but we skipped our date night last week!" It has become essential to our lives and such a lovely time to share great food as well! Miss you.

Lynette said...

I have not heard of that but it looks great! I am surprised you love Nutella because it is chocolate??? Glad you had a fun date night. John and I have got to find a way to have date nights!