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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our house bid update

We put in a bid on a different house - and got outbid. No surprise there.

However...we got a call from our realtor about the first house we bid on. It's back on the market. Whaaaaat???

Apparently the couple that outbid us walked from the offer. Our offer was never submitted to the bank. So tomorrow we're resubmitting an offer for that house.

Word has it that the bank counter-offered the first couples bid with $147,000. So our realtor asked our bank dude what that would set us back if we put in an offer at that price. Since the rates went down just today, it would only raise our payment by $50.

Hmmm, doable I think.

So tomorrow I need to let her know at what price to draw up the papers.

Who knows, maybe GOD will give me and Pascual dreams tonight that have the right bid price?

...stranger things have happened.

Good night.

Well, good morning! While visions of numbers didn't fill our heads last night we did find out that the asking price went up from $135,000 a month ago to $145,000 today. So we're going to bid the new asking price. We also found out that another bid is going to be submitted on the house.

Well peace to us! We've been praying that if that's our house, then nobody else will get it.

So once again, this is 'TO BE CONTINUED...'

Another update: that house that I thought we got outbid on...well come to find out that our offer is one of many and they haven't ruled us out yet. So now we're bidding on two houses. Uh, is it me or is this whole 'house buying' thing getting a tad bit complicated?!?



Oh wow! How exciting...and anxiety causing. I hope you guys get it, but I also pray that you will end up exactly where God's very best for you will be!!

Lynette said...

Praying and I forgot to tell you the other night at dinner that ou are looking great!