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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The light at the end of the tunnel?

I was watching one of those HGTV shows today where they follow first-time home buyers around. This guy had seen over 60 houses and was still looking. His realtor told the camera that if he didn't choose the next house she showed him, she was dumping him as a client because her time was money. Yikes!

My next thought was, "jeez, I hope Bev doesn't feel the same way about us!" you know, since we've been house hunting for a whole 3 months. lol

Well Bev emailed today to say our offer on the BID #5 house was accepted and will be submitted to the bank in the next day or two and that we are the only people the bank will talk to about the house; nobody else will be considered unless we back out.

O-M-G! Really????? Are you serious????

Could this really be our new home?


Lynette said...

Yay, Dani! I will be praying!


Oh my goodness! How exciting! Praying for ya!