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Sunday, August 8, 2010

My God is BIG

The place we're in now...yeah, it sold!!! Bev put it on the market on a Saturday, put the for sale sign in the 'yard' Sunday, we went on vacation on Monday, and later that week the buyer signed the contract. The week we went on vacation it sold!!! Totally convenient. The realtor office staff called our mobile home an eternal-listing because they don't sell. Ha, they don't know my God!

We have to be out of here by September 5th. We thought we'd be homeless until our short-sale house we want closed. During this time I had various reactions from people. But my absolute favorites were from two very special people - they opened up their homes for my family of 5 as if it were no big deal at all. Who does that?
It seriously warms my heart to know you guys love me and my family the way you do (and you know who you are!!!! I love you girls soooo much!!!!).

Well, see this house ---->

Yeah, the short-sale house we're buying... IT'S OURS!!!!!!!!

If all goes according to plan (I know, I know...famous last words but I'm in prayer that all will go according to God's's the best one out there!!!) we'll have the keys by 5pm on August 30th.

Perfect timing, God! A week where we'll have access to both homes. I'll take any stress relief while moving. Lord, I love how you love on us!

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