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Friday, August 13, 2010

New designs

I'm so excited about moving to a new house. I'm terrible at designing a room but I'd love to have a pretty home. Good thing I've got great friends that are willing to give their opinions (which I value deeply). But I want to make sure my house looks like me and not like it belongs to them, kwim? So here's a few pics of rooms I like and examples of what I don't care for.
Mt. Baker traditional dining room

I don't care for that bubble light over the table but I do like the clean lines and simplicity of the room.

Carson Poetzl, Inc. mediterranean entry

I really like the color scheme here.

Entry way eclectic entry

I do NOT like this. For me, it's too cluttered and has way too much stuff to dust.

Trans-Pacific Design tropical living room

This feels like I'm waiting in the lobby of the Mirage in Vegas. Which is a good thing if I'm actually waiting in the lobby of the Mirage. But it's not what I want my home to feel like. :)

Textured surface - contemporary condo contemporary living room

I like this; can't really put my finger on why I like it...but I do.

Modern Bathroom - Hillside Residence modern bathroom

Clean and simple. I like it.

mobili decorati mediterranean bedroom

Those curtains are kinda cool! And I like how bright it is. But...that's all I like.

FISHER ISLAND modern kitchen

Diggin' the kitchen.

Kitchen counter modern kitchen

I like this one even better - the cool, opaque cabinets, the tile that's a different color.

VP Interiors 2010 contemporary kitchen

I like the height you get out of this kitchen. Very pretty.

Ok, well designers, I hope this gives you a better sense of my point of view/style.

Happy decorating!

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