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Friday, March 5, 2010

Is spring here yet?

I went to Rite Aid today to pick up prescriptions for 4 out of 5 of us. Thank God for insurance is all I have to say. Those 5 prescriptions only cost us $25. So let's see:

I still have a sore throat so I got a different antibiotic and something that numbs my throat when I gargle with it. Hopefully I'll be back to the gym on Monday. Fingers crossed.

Last week when I picked up my hubby's med's they gave him a partial order so they had to reorder more of whatever he's on, so I picked that up today.

This is a picture of Jeremiah, the only member of the family that's healthy.

Beka has the beginnings of an ear infection so they gave me antibiotics. Huh? Kinda over-kill I think. I had it filled but I'm going to hold off on administering it to her since she doesn't have a fever and her ears don't hurt.

Nate woke up this morning with light green/yellowish goop in one of his eyes. My hubby has an eye infection so I took Nate in just in case. And once again the dr prescribed eye drops to clear it up. Well Beka had green goop in her eye a couple of weeks ago, not to mention it was red, and it cleared up on its own. So I'm going to hold off on dropping meds in my 3 month's old eye until it gets worse.

Seriously, why is my pediatrician so preventative? Did I mention one of the pediatricians got onto me for not putting Desitin on Nate's butt even though there was no rash. I was changing him when she walked in and said to use Desitin or Buttpaste. I asked why? She playfully hit me and asked me if I was going to wait until it got red and hurt him. I was thinking, uh ya, that was my plan. But instead I caved and put a little Desitin on his butt.

I like the doctors in the office but it's getting a little ridiculous.

Anyways, I'll be glad when this winter is over. None of us has had the flu, which is a good thing since none of us had any kind of flu shot. I'd never hear the end of that decision if we got the flu. I know of 2 people who told me to make sure the family had their flu shots. I prayed about it and didn't hear God tell me to do it so I didn't. I don't know, there's something about the flu shots I don't like. But if God ever tells me to get them I will. He just hasn't told me that, yet.

Spring is coming. A new season. A welcomed change.


Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

you and me both sister i am so sick of sickness.... my doctor tends to be the opposite spend my co-pay then they say give them tylenol sometimes good sometimes not!!!


Praying everyone gets better super fast. We have opposite problems. i was a bad mommy whose pediatrician said if I had brought my son in a few days earlier perhaps we would not be dealing with a bad sinus infection and tonsilitis (from drainage over the past ten days.) After two days of antibiotics, he was perfectly well. But, strangely, the other kids had the same thing and kicked it on their own with out and intervention! So, you never know. It's all about how strong their little immune systems are when it hits I think. Spring come soon!

Love the new blog look! And great to see you (well, read you) blogging!