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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day Five - check

I've noticed that my ANTs are thoughts like
I've got to take care of ____________ now so it'll get done.
If I start the washing machine right now, I can work on _________ while it's washing.
It's like multi-tasking with machines.

And what ends up happening with me is I get overwhelmed with all the stuff that needs to get done and do hardly anything instead.

So today, when I really wanted to start my day before I took my shower and got dressed I told myself,
"Self, (not really but I like saying that) do it in the correct order!"

And ya know what...stuff got done today! So YIPPEE!

OK, let's prep for day 6:

I already know where my hot spots are:
a. the tiny corner of my kitchen table - I'm surprised by how much stuff is there.
b. my dining room table - we don't use it so it collects stuff; my stuff and Jeremiah's toys
c. computer desk
d. any surface in my den

Don't worry. I'm not going to over do it tomorrow. I'll set my timer for 2 minutes and work on that tiny corner until I hear the "ding". Then I'll be done for the day. I'm so excited!!!

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