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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where are the people that give compliments?

Yesterday I was at Costco putting the items into my car. Jeremiah was already in his car seat, waiting patiently to be buckled in, and Beka was sitting in the basket. This older couple passed by and played with Beka's toes, asking, "which isle do we find one of these?"

Oh, it's so cute when older people get a kick out of babies.

My guard dropped...

Then they went in for the kill.

With a change of tone in their voice they added, "And your mommy is letting you sit right in the sun." And they walked off.

I stood there thinking, where are the people who tell you what a good job you're doing? Why are these neigh-sayers a dime a dozen?"

So today, as I go out to the marketplace, I'm going to try to compliment a mother's skills because I know it would make her day. I know it would make mine!!!


R. Hansen said...

You are so sweet. You're like those pay-it-forward commercials, except that you took a not-nice thing and are passing on a nice thing. :-)

Alicia said...

I think your idea is great. I have been in that same situation so many times! Thanks for showing how to put a positive spin on it.

Anonymous said...

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